Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Revolution? Whatever!

These "Revolutionairies" are such a joke. As soon as they get power they go ahead and appoint the people who wanted nothing to do with them. Where is Sir Hailstone? Is anyone from Bart Lies on the transition team? Even Gary "Cheerleader" Welsh is nowhere to be found. Maybe Ballard is smarter than I thought he was by ditching these losers. Yeah, right.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Help Keep Indianapolis Honest

My name is Lady Jane. I am a long-time Indianapolis resident and an unapologetic liberal Democrat. I am disgusted at what happened to my city on Tuesday. Good people stayed home and deserted a Mayor who did nothing but try to make this city a better place. They blamed him for things that were clearly Mitch Daniels' fault. The Republicans and their right-wing blogs played on fear and racial division to get into office. I created this blog, Keep Indy Honest, as a countermeasure to the Indy Undercover, Bart Lies and Digital Farmers crowd. The Republicans have won this battle, but we aren't giving up our city without a fight!