Sunday, November 11, 2007

Help Keep Indianapolis Honest

My name is Lady Jane. I am a long-time Indianapolis resident and an unapologetic liberal Democrat. I am disgusted at what happened to my city on Tuesday. Good people stayed home and deserted a Mayor who did nothing but try to make this city a better place. They blamed him for things that were clearly Mitch Daniels' fault. The Republicans and their right-wing blogs played on fear and racial division to get into office. I created this blog, Keep Indy Honest, as a countermeasure to the Indy Undercover, Bart Lies and Digital Farmers crowd. The Republicans have won this battle, but we aren't giving up our city without a fight!


Bart Lies said...

I think this blog is what is known as being 'a day late and a dollar short.'

You have to ask yourself, why would good people stay home and desert Bart? Lack of conviction? (boy am I tempted to insert a Monroe Gray joke here).

Just between you and me, I suspect Bart could have salvaged his campaign if he'd arranged for Monroe and Aaron Haith to be given the heave-ho a couple of months ago. It might have required tossing in Rondinel Gibson for some extra cushion, but Bart probably could have pulled it off with just cleaning up the first two problem children.

Don't kid yourself by thinking that property tax is THE reason Bart is job hunting now. That only was the rude awakening for people, that made them realize their government (state and city) has them in a pot of water being brought to a boil (google for the 'frog in a pot of hot water' theory). They screwed up by turning up the heat too fast and the 'frogs' bailed out.

Keeping Indy honest can start in the CCC, with a thorough investigation of Monroe's endless stream of suspicious deeds and misdeeds.

soap said...

I can see how you would blame property taxes on Mitch Daniels (don't agree, but thats not my point)but what about local income taxes? Is that the state's fault too?

I like the idea of keeping Indianapolis honest... but lets not forget that Bart Peterson's administration was FAR from honest. Honesty should be expected from both Democrat and Republican administrations.

Joe said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! The whole purpose of the "right-wing blogs" was to keep Indy honest. And it worked. People did not come out to vote because they felt that their vote was being taken for granted. The people who did vote, voted the way they did out of a desire to see a change in the status quo.

If the Democratic leadership had done its job back when all the crap with Gray and Haith hit the news (MSM or blogs) they might still have the "juice".

As it was the proletariat revolted against the shackles of the Democratic Party tyranny, and threw off the yoke of oppressive rule.

Keep this alive and running, and if you see things that smell like three day old fish, nail it to the Wittenberg Door.

Politicians are our employees, they work for us, the unwashed masses. If they are doing things wrong, unethical, illegal or just plain stupid they need to be challenged.

Best wishes with your blog.

Underneath the Hood said...

You ma'am have obviously been living in a hole the last 8 years. If you think for a second that Bart helped this city in anyway then you've been brainwashed somehow. Get off all the prozac and anti-depressants and smell the fresh brewed Folgers lady. Out with the bad and in with the good. Kinda like what we did last Tuesday.

Alan said...

Yea because Bart did so much for Indianapolis. My favorite is when he talks about "new" equipment for police officers. I laugh as I look across the room to my 15 year old radio sitting in its charger. I laugh yet again when my 12 year old pagers battery's die for the 4th time this week. Lets not forget the hysterical laughter as I spend 3 minutes trying to start my car with 122K miles on it. Whew I sure am loving all this new equipment!

Erik said...

I would say that your blog is indeed 'too little, too late'
I think the voters spoke faily convincingly Tuesday, and that's the end of that. Now, LEO's, let's get down to work!

Thomas said...


Ignore these guys. They have a lot of time now that Ballard has made it clear he doesn't want anything to do with them.

Bart Lies said...

"Ignore these guys. They have a lot of time now that Ballard has made it clear he doesn't want anything to do with them."

If the various post-election meetups, the chat after last night's CCC meeting, and perhaps joining a bunch of us for dinner tonight count as 'having nothing to do with them" then you are correct.

I may reshape into ''

Aaron & Alaine said...

Everybody's entitled to be in the process. The Ballard crowd as represented by Bart Lies and the associated had an axe to grind and they got their wish. Peterson is out, Ballard is in. Now he has to govern. Real life is more balanced than rhetoric. Saying Peterson did not do anything good for the city is really over the top hyperbole. The charter school initiative is certainly one example I'd site where the guy was way out in front of the pack. He wasn't perfect, but he wasn't Satan.

That kind of hysterical partisanship is a problem in American politics.