Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Revolution? Whatever!

These "Revolutionairies" are such a joke. As soon as they get power they go ahead and appoint the people who wanted nothing to do with them. Where is Sir Hailstone? Is anyone from Bart Lies on the transition team? Even Gary "Cheerleader" Welsh is nowhere to be found. Maybe Ballard is smarter than I thought he was by ditching these losers. Yeah, right.


Alan said...

Your blog is done in true democrat fashion. You will not allow anonymous comments which is just silly. Furthermore the poll on your page has no choice of no. That screams dictator to me. If I remember correctly Saddam did this soon before our invasion.

xtrarant said...

Dear Alan,
Ballard's blog did not allow anonymous comments.


(and really, comparing non-anonymous commenting and silly blog polls to Saddam? Talk about unhinged! Jeebus)

Anyway, dear Keep Indy Honest,
I wanted to email you but couldn't dig up an email so I'm going to post what I'm sending to some other Indy bloggers here.

So CJ and I were talking and brainstorming, and what came out of it was this idea:
Indy Council Watch
Basically, we go to every open city/county council meeting possible once the newly elected council takes office. Take notes, keep track of what they are doing, and write about it. I could then host a blog that could be the hub for all of these notes, opinions, etc. But no one wants yet ANOTHER login to ANOTHER blog. So the way to get around that is to make ICW essentially an aggregator. You can post your council thoughts, notes, etc to your own blog and as long as you can have a feed pointing to a specific category, it can easily be aggregated into the ICW blog.

It's up now but still in very early infant stages

Let me know if you have comments, ideas or other indy bloggers who might want to be in on this as well. I think it (theoretically) could become a good hub for Indy blogger talk about the new CCC and what they get up to.

soap said...


That is an excellent idea. I wish we would have had someone to watch over the current council and all their shady backdoor dealings. Especially Monroe Grey, Ron Gibson and Scott Keller.

xtrarant said...

lol @ soap. funny you throw Keller in there, the only republican on the council with the stones to stand up to his own party and vote the right way on things like the equal rights stance of the county - you know, little things like not discriminating against homosexuals.

If you liked the previous council, you'll love one that made sky high promises about cutting taxes that they won't be able to actually follow through on without hacking away at essential city services.

But hey, as long as your TAXES are lower. That's the most important thing.

garyj said...

Ballard's blog did not allow anonymous comments.
Ballards blog didn't allow comments at all.

Another one sided blog is all we need. You're like Jen from TDW, except she has COURAGE to stand behind what she says.
You have to make up some anonymous name and hide behind it, yet you won't allow anonymous posts on your blog. Is that because you knoww that Wilson allen will come by and stir up crap?
remaining anonymous or using made up names is for sissies.

Alan said...

"remaining anonymous or using made up names is for sissies."

Anonymity is a good thing. It protects you from being fired or from an internal affairs investigation. The wagon driver who was fired for posting on Indy undercover is a perfect example of why anonymity is needed.

garyj said...

but Skervin did post anonymously, and they still got him.

If you are willing to make the statement, use a name to go along with it.

As much as I disagree with Wilson Allen and his position, I do respect the fact that he (usually) uses his name.
If the anonymous or made up names could do a better job than the ones in charge, they should try to get the job, not just follow the rest of the herd to the slaugterhouse.

The 1st amenedent is there for a reason, it should protect all of us, not just a the liberal media.

soap said...

ok xtrarant... I'm not sure where the tax thing came from, but whatever.

I do agree with the point about not discrimminating against homosexuals - that was a stupid law for the republicans to be against. I have no problems with that law getting passed, but I do have a problem with Scott Keller going against what his constituants wanted and voting for the police merger (which EVERYONE knew would not save money) just to get that law passed.

And I am not sure what "sky high promises" the new city coucil has made about cutting taxes.

Please, enlighten me.